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What is PropSmarts?

It is an innovative platform designed to speed up the process of deciding whether a potential development site is suitable for your company to take forward. You can map the area and find out sizes, surface, location services and risks. The Sales Study provides relevant information for pricing and comparables and the Demographics section provides information about the target market.

It all starts with the development’s postcode. You create a Project, upload your particular property templates, update the specific financial metrics and we compile the rest of the data. Then you download a personalised report which allows you to make an informed decision.

Highly secure, automated, and cloud-based, the portal provides a single interface for all property development activity and information, increasing business agility and speed of decision-making.

The PropSmarts mission is to innovate the industry to save time and money. We are the leading provider of prop tech solutions that enable businesses, real estate professionals, and homeowners to manage their properties more efficiently and effectively.

Our innovative programme of 'Due Diligence' and wider information services will boost your productivity and project timescales. The Propsmarts platform will transform your approach to sourcing and managing land for property development.


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